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As Benny would say, "Totally Awesome!"

We packed so much into today as we drove Icefields Parkway. This is the stretch of Highway 93 between Jasper & Lake Louise. It is one of the most scenic drives in North America. The Icefields cover an area about 150 miles & are 3+ football fields thick. One can get a glimpse of it by looking up at the peaks of the visible Canadian Rockies. (Looks like icing on a cake.). As the ice moves over & down the mountains, glaciers are formed. The Icefields form no less than eight massive glaciers. Most visible from the highway. At the Glacier Discovery Center we boarded an Ice Explorer ($1.3 million to manufacture), a massive vehicle that carries about 40 people into a glacier. (See photo) It took us to the Athabasca Glacier. We walked on the glacier & drank glacier water. (See photo of Richard & Benny.) After many breathtaking stops along the highway we arrived at Lake Louise!!! Pinch me, please. We sat by the lake drinking in the beauty of the lake and Chateau. The lake is named after Princess Louise, the 4th daughter of Queen Victoria. (See photo of Eddie & Connie.) We then explored Banff National Park, ate a delicious dinner at The Bear Street Tavern in Banff & overnighted in downtown Banff.