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Historic Bridge & Concretions

If you weren't intentionally looking for it, you would drive right by the Historic Canyon Creek Bridge, between Haines Junction and Whitehorse, Yukon. The small, wooden bridge was built in 1903 when gold was discovered in the area. This brought a stampede of miners and this sturdy bridge carried wagons back and forth across the creek. A small hill on the far side of the bridge has a cemetery dating back to the early 1800s. We stopped for gas at the "Little Green Apple" in Haines Junction. A neat row of unusual, round rocks, at least the size of baseballs, caught our attention. All of them were heavy, some were the size & weight of bowling balls. They are "concretions" formed 5-8,000 years ago, are quite rare and can be found in other areas around the world. They formed when a leaf or twig fell into a stream, running off a glacier. This organic material attracted minerals, in a particular pattern, that resulted in the characteristic roundness.