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Reindeer Farm and More

We donned our red, white and blue, then hit the road to explore regions north of Anchorage. At this point in the adventure, we have traveled over 6000 miles! Still loving it and each other. Our first stop was Palmer, Alaska, established about 1916 as a railroad station. The Athabasca Indians inhabited the area prior to this. In 1880, George Palmer ran a trading post here. And in 1935, the American government conducted an experiment, as part of the New Deal. This was an attempt to provide relief to farm families in the Midwest struck by the Depression and the Dust Bowl. Social workers chose 202 families and relocted them, as "colonists," to Palmer. Families were issued land by a lottery system. Today, descendants of these families still live in the area which is revered for its dairy and agricultural farms. We drove the scenic Bodenburg Loop in search of some of these original colony farms. (See photo.). Still in Palmer, we visited and toured a Reindeer Farm, fed the reindeer and elk and became experts on reindeer. (FYI, a reindeer and caribou are the same animal. If domesticated its a reindeer. If wild, its a caribou.). On our way back to the Copper River Valley, we turned of the highway unto a "road unsafe," dirt, two lane winding road and over a one lane wooden bridge traversing the Matanuska River. Our destination-the Matanuska Glacier. (Four miles wide and 27 miles long.). It is the only US glacier you can drive up to! And if you are ambitious, put on spiked shoes, a helmet and walking poles, and hike on a glacier!! Happy Independence Day America from our families and Dixie Dog to all of you.