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Visiting Alberta & "Geocaching"

We entered Alberta, Canada for the first time. Such beauty! We continued traveling through the small agricultural villages & hamlets of the Peace River Valley. Traveling on, agriculture gave way to coal mining & lumber communities. Immense coal processing plants and timber & sawdust piles. So clean & orderly. This supports the local economy & residents. Beautiful clouds and light rain on & off throughout the day. Connie & I became official "Geocachers" today. For those of you not familiar with this fun, outdoor recreational activity, let me give you a brief overview. Its an outdoor treasure hunt, using a mobile device. You hunt for small, waterproof containers called "caches." There are two million hidden worldwide. They contain a log which you sign & maybe trinkets inside for trading. Once found you must return it to its original location. The one we are searching for in the photo was in Grande Cache, Alberta under a mining car. The "cache" was an authentic looking imitation stone that was hallow. It contained a small waterproof cylinder with a tiny rolled up scroll that we wrote our names on. Such a fun activity. Outside Hinton, Richard spotted a very unusual burial site. It was an aboriginal graveyard. The graves were each covered with a low-lying wooden roof & large wooden cross. All were painted white. These are referred to as "spirit houses." Once in Hinton, Richard & I took a stroll through the Beaver Boardwalk. No beavers, but we had a lovely walk on the partially submerged boardwak, read waterfowl interpretive signs, passed lilly pads, grasses & marshy wetlands. Jasper National Park early tomorrow!