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Catching salmon!

Jackie and I both had a burning desire to catch a salmon, and today was to be the day We put on our boots and rain gear, got our fishing licenses, got our treble hooks, checked all the rules for fishing for salmon, and headed for Dayville Road with our cheering squad, David and Steve. Imagine our surprise and disappointment when we arrived at our chosen fishing spot to find that the tide was out...way out. There was no way any fishing could go on in that muck! OK. Back to the rigs we went to wait for the tide to come in. About 4 P.M., we headed back to the fishing spot to find the salmon running thick right up to the rocks. After a quick lesson on casting from the guys, we climbed down the rocks and began our salmon quest. We both found that we could snag the fish but we could not get them onto the rocks before they shook themselves free. It was a lot of fun, but also very frustrating. Finally I got one onto the rocks and the darn thing wiggled away and took my treble hook with it. Jackie also lost her treble hook, so the guys began improvising with other hooks from David's tackle box. I decided it wasn't worth the climb back down the rocks, so I just walked down a way to where some folks from Tennessee were fishing. To my mortification, two little girls about 8 and 12 years old were pulling in salmon like crazy. After talking with their dad, and getting some tips on what to do, I decided to give it another try. The grandfather loaned me his treble, and within 5 minutes I had landed a fish! He was big, but not a good specimen, so I threw him back. Within another 5 minutes, I had my prize!! It was so much fun! I was so excited and proud of myself! You would have thought I had won the lottery! Meanwhile, Jackie had joined me and was also having luck catching but the fish all slithered away. Finally she landed a good one, grabbed it, and clutched it to her chest before it could get away. After holding it up for pictures, she started up the rocks holding the fish like a baby in her arms, but oops, her boot was caught in the rocks. Rather than risk losing her fish, she took off the boots and climbed over the rocks in her socks! It was hysterical! (David retrieved the boots). We had the time of our lives catching those fish, and we are very proud of ourselves. We also thank our husbands for cheering us on and giving help when needed. We went to the docks and paid a guy $1.00 each to fillet the fish. Mine will go to my daughter, Vanessa, (ironically, I don't like salmon) and Jackie's daughter will cook hers for her. We both just wish we had started fishing sooner! Next time we will check the tide table first!