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Dawson Creek to Whitehorse

We made the long haul from Dawson Creek to Whitehorse today, and it looks like we left just in time. The news says that heavy rains have caused severe flooding in Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson! Although the trip was long, the views were spectacular as usual, especially the Corsair Mountains in the distance. The wild life sightings were limited to one fox, one bear, and one rabbit, but there were other things to catch our interest. We stopped at the Continental Divide and learned that at this point it divides two of the largest drainage systems in North America--the Yukon River and McKenzie River watersheds. To the west, the water drains eventually into the Bering Sea and Pacific Ocean. To the east, the water drains eventually into the Arctic Ocean. At lunchtime, we stopped at the Teslin Tlingit Heritage Center to view the 5 wonderful totems carved by Keith Wolf Smarch and others. The totems represent the Wolf, Eagle, Frog, Beaver, and Raven clans of the Tlingit nation. There were also some beautiful carved canoes. At last we arrived at the Pioneer RV Park in Whitehouse YT. The guys took our filthy, muddy, dusty cars to be washed, and then we had a relaxing happy hour and dinner before settling in for the night. It is now 10:30 PM and the sun is still shining brightly.