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A Dredge, Dawson City, and a TOE in my drink!

We started our day with a tour of gold mining Dredge #4 which is very near our campground. This dredge, one of two dozen that worked this area starting in 1899, was the largest wooden hull, bucket-line dredge in North America. The dredges were a very efficient means of mining gold, and this one sometimes produced as much as 800 ounces of gold in a single day as it moved upstream in Hunker Creek and the Klondike Valley. Amazingly, it only took 4 men to operate the dredge. It was in operation from 1913 until 1959. After the dredge, we went to the Visitor's Center to gather information and took a ride around town, stopping to visit the cabins where Robert W. Service and Jack London lived and wrote. At Diamond Tooth Gertie's we enjoyed dinner from Big Al's and a good vaudeville show of song and dance. The lead singer found David very attractive! Steve won a little money at the slot machines, and a good time was had by all. After the show we headed for the Downtown Hotel and Pub where three of us were inducted into Capt. Dick's world famous Sourtoe Cocktail Club. This requires buying a shot of whiskey or whatever 40 proof drink you choose, then standing in line in order to have Captain Dick put an actual human toe in your drink. To complete your membership, you must drink the shot so that the toe actually touches your lips! All three of us were successful, and we have certificates to prove we did it!