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A fabulous museum

We left Dawson Creek and traveled our first leg of the Alaska Highway. The first 613 miles are in British Columbia where it travels northwest to Watson Lake near the Yukon border. From there it continues for 577 miles to the Alaska border. From this international border, it is 200 miles to Delta Junction, the official end of the highway, and 96 miles more to Fairbanks, the unofficial end of the highway. We only covered the first 283 miles today! The historical notes in the Milepost add to the astonishment one feels when considering what a feat was accomplished when this road was built in only 8 months in 1942. The ride is beautiful. We are staying at Triple G Hideaway RV Park in Fort Nelson BC 283 miles from Dawson Creek. After having dinner at the campground restaurant, Steve, David, and Jackie visited the antique car museum next door. They talked with Merl Brown, founder and curator of the museum, who keeps many of the cars in working condition. In 2008 he drove a 1908 Buick to Whitehorse and back, a distance of 600 miles each way. Not bad for a 100 year old car!