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Happy Anniversary Jackie and David

Wow! What a day! After looking and looking for wild life along the road, we hit the jackpot today. We were happy to see the sun come out after several rainy days. We stopped to view the beautiful Muncho Lake, one of the largest lakes in the Canadian Rockies. As we were continuing on the highway, we were delighted to see two stone sheep, but this was just the beginning. Then we couldn't believe our good luck when we began to see bison grazing along the roadside. Before we reached Watson Lake, where we are camping tonight, we saw one large herd, one small herd, (both with babies) and nine solitary bison! And the bears! One even crossed the road right after we stopped to photograph him! They were eating the dandelions along the roadside. We arrived at the Downtown RV Park in Watson Lake and settled in before going to dinner to celebrate Jackie and David's anniversary. This was quite a chore because there are only 4 restaurants in town--one was closed, two were at truck stops, and the other one was Chinese. Fortunately for Steve, (who doesn't like Chinese food) the last one also had chicken tenders and fries! Following dinner, we went to the Signpost Forest where Jackie and David added their Georgia license plate to the more than 75,000 signs. Steve and I were happy to be able to find the ones we put here in 2012.