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We left the Glenn Highway and picked up the Richardson Highway at Glennallen for the ride into our favorite part of Alaska. The closer we got to Valdez, the more beautiful the scenery became as we passed such sights as the Worthington Glacier and Bridal Veil Falls in Keystone Canyon. We reached the Bayside RV Park mid-afternoon, and after setting up and having lunch we headed down to Dayville Road to see salmon and hopefully to see bears. The weather was still rainy and foggy, but we didn't care. There were so many salmon around the Soloman Gulch Fish Hatchery that you could reach in the water and grab one, which is what I did! However, I only succeeded after I filled my boots with water and then fell down on my butt! No worries--it was worth it and of course I let it go as soon as Steve got a picture of it! We took the visitor's walk at the hatchery, and learned much about the life cycle of a salmon--very interesting. We watched people snagging salmon, and Jackie and I decided that we could do that too. We plan to try before we leave Valdez. We can't fish within 300 yards of the hatchery, but we can try at 301 yards! We didn't see any bears at the hatchery, but there was a big eagle sitting in the marsh right in front of our RV when we got home.