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Fun in Whitehorse

We are excited to be in a city of some size because we all had long lists of grocery items and Wal-mart stuff that we needed. We found a mediocre Wal-mart and a great grocery store, and took care of these needs. After we got everything back to the rigs and put away, David, Jackie, and Steve went to see the Transportation Museum. In front of the Museum is the world's largest weathervane. This is an original Canadian Pacific Airlines DC-3 that is mounted so perfectly on a pedestal that the slightest breeze causes it to swing around to point into the wind. The museum held many interesting items, including a float plane fitted with skis for landing on snow and ice and a barge that was used for transporting goods on the Yukon River. There was also a bus from the forties that carried passengers from Whitehorse to Dawson Creek and back with no heat! Many other interesting items are on display at the Transportation Museum.