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Summer Solstice on the Dome-Dawson City

About 10:30 Jackie and David were ready for bed, but Steve had a burst of energy and suggested that he and I go up to the top of Midnight Dome to see the sunset at midnight on the solstice. We know the solstice was actually last night but figured that the sun couldn't be but a little bit different tonight. What an experience! There were a great many people of all ages and kinds and several dogs at the mountain top, and the mood was mellow and friendly. Cameras and tripods were pointed toward the west. We found our spot near the very top of the mountain, and took 'way too many pictures of the spectacular sight of the setting sun and its reflection on the river. While we were waiting for the sun to set behind Mt. Olgivie across the Yukon River, an ultralight plane buzzed the mountaintop drawing many cheers from the crowd. The pilot then flew over the valley and did 2 hammerheads! It was surreal standing in bright sunlight at midnight. Only a couple of minutes after twelve, the sun dropped behind the mountain , but we still had plenty of daylight and beautiful views. We were so glad we came! On the way down the mountain, we were stopped by a mountie who was checking for "impaired drivers", but he found us to be in fine shape, so he wished us a happy solstice and sent us on our way. This once in a lifetime experience was definitely a highlight of the trip!