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Finally in Canada

We left Montana just north of Great Falls and passed through Canadian customs with only two minutes of question and answer. We spent the night alone in a wonderful Provincial rec area along the Old Man River. A few fly fishermen were having some great success just below where we were camped. the next day we ventured north to Banff National Park. Quite the park. the mountains and the snow and the meadows are beyond description. We hiked up to some scenic waterfalls, walked around a great marsh and added considerably to out bird list for the trip. We spent two days here and they were well spent. Next day we continued to Jasper National Park. We took the Icefield Parkway which is supposedly the most beautiful drive in the world (UNESCO). With the rain and snow we did not get to see all that was there but it was still an interesting drive. We could just barely see the glaciers at the top of the pass. One of the highlights of the drive was to have an adult grizzly bear walk right in front of the RV while we parked at a rest stop. We made it to Jasper and took a great drive up a valley north of town. We saw 8 black bears as well as a few mule dear. Great drive. From Jasper we drove Dawson Creek, the Mile - 0 point on the Alcan Highway. Tomorrow we head up that toward Alaska - only 1300 miles away.