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Beautiful campground overlooking Lake Fresno

Left the Flying-J in the morning after the wind subsided and headed to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP). We keep seeing new birds and now have seen over 110 species - not bad for a week of casual birding. We saw lots of Ring-necked pheasants. It was remindful of my youthful days near Harrisburg PA where they were then quite plentiful. Now there are only a rare sighting in the area. TRNP was wonderful. Our drive through the south unit provided a few new birds and some great views of the badlands. We camped in the Juniper Campground in the north unit and took time to drive the park road and admire the scenery and watch the bison. We continued westward toward Alaska and crossed some of Montana today. We know we have been to the "Home on the Range" . We have seen "where the buffalo roam and where the deer and the antelope play." We added all these wildlife species to our sightings list. We should cross into Canada.