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Pavement, At Last

After breakfast (cold leftovers, 'cause I didn't want to cook or fire up the generator) we broke camp and headed toward Fort Liard. At the turnoff we headed west into town, about 4-5 miles off the highway. The RV took a big drink at the Liard Fuel Centre, about 180 litres (45 gallons). Once again, try to drive on the top half of the tank... but unless you left the highway, this is the first gas stop since Enterprise. Proceeding back to hwy 7, and south to BC we finally found pavement (new asphault) a few miles before the BC/NWT border (Yea!!!). Suddenly, our mood got better, and the scenery more interesting as we approached the BC border. We were sorta disappointed that the border was unlike the Alberta/NWT border (no great sign, no information station, no park), just a metal highway sign welcoming you to BC. In an hour or so we came to a tee intersection at the Alaska Highway, Fort Nelson to the left, and Alaska somewhere to the right. Getting low on fuel, we stopped at a sure thing, the most expensive fuel stop, so far, with gas (I assume 87 octane regular) at $1.49 Canadian per litre. Had we known, we could have easily make it to Toad River, our overnight stop, with a restaurant, small store, and fuel. Toad River Lodge and RV Park is an oasis in the wilderness. Although there is no cell service in the area, they do have quite serviceable WIFI, and full hookups for the RV. Bill and I even watched chuck wagon racing on TV from Calgary. Today's photo is our first glimpse of the Canadian Rockies after days in the prairie, and rolling, but flat forest.