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Fourth of July in Yellowstone

Happy Fourth of July Today we tried to see most of the northern half of Yellowstone NP. From the RV park we went over to the lake road, then north toward Canyon Village. Along the way we saw several hundred bison in the Hayden Valley, along with the Mud Volcano and several other interesting geysers. After passing Canyon Village we continued north to the cowboy BBQ. Turning right, we drove into Lamar Valley, where we saw at least 3000 bison and 4 or 5 pronghorn antelope. In all of my visits I've never seen as many bison as we saw today. After turning around, and returning up the valley, we turned west towards Mammoth. In Mammoth, we shopped and had dinner. Then over to the geothermal area, but alas, there was no parking. So we proceeded south towards Norris. Along the way traffic snarled because of four beautiful elk, including one whose antlers were in velvet. When we got to the Norris junction we went west to the Norris geyser basin, where we hiked out to several geysers and pools. Back on the road, again, we traveled east from Norris to Canyon Village junction. Then we turned south, heading for home. Along the way we saw a herd of 20-30, or more elk across the river. More traffic issues when a small herd of bison crossed the road, including several babies (photo). Another traffic snarl was caused by a bear (or so we were told) across the river. It was a long day and I'm tired. I'll not be able to post this until I get a solid Internet connection.