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Oh, What A Beautiful Day

Today started out much like yesterday. Breakfast at Morino's Cafe at the visitor center while using their WIFI to post yesterday's blog entry. Then we left for Anchorage. The sky was clear, with a few puffy white clouds. Along the way we were treated to fantastic mountain views of the Alaska range. Shortly after seeing the sign that announced we were entering Denali State Park (SP) we saw a sign for the Denali Viewing, North. Unfortunately, traffic did not permit taking this exit. I did, however, keep my eyes open for the South viewing area. When we parked and walked over to the nice area set aside for viewing we were in awe. Denali (Mount McKinley to some) stood before us with just a few wispy clouds obscuring some of its magnificence. When we departed the viewing area it was an uneventful journey to our RV park, Ship Creek, in Anchorage. The place is adequate, but its very near the railroad tracks (I'll bet its not more than 30 feet from by bed to the tracks), and the trains blow their horns a a nearby grade crossing. We've been having troubles with WIFI, ”simultaneous session limit reached”. Sounds like they have too few ports open to the guests. Grumble, grumble! Today's photo is of Denali taken from the South View rest area. If you are driving the road from Denali NP to/from Anchorage, make sure you stop at one or both views, especially if the weather is clear.