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Another Rough And Bumpy Road

The day was long and rough. We had nearly 400 miles to cover. The roads in Canada were torn up due to construction, thereby limiting our speed. We did see a lot of beautiful scenery, most of which we'd seen just 10 days ago. It somehow looked different, because of the southbound perspective. We did have an up=close with a moose and her calf that crossed the highway right in front of us. I got the camera out in time for a couple of photos on out side of the road before they vanished into the woods. We also saw three groups of swans on small lakes, but no photos. Dinner was at Carls, a small restaurant & bar chain in this part of the world. It was the second meal at this restaurant, and, once again, we had the Italian Pizza. Yum! After dinner, while returning to camp, I spotted a Bald Eagle in the top of a tree, on an island , in the Yukon River. We reversed course and stopped at a roadside rest and watched the Eagle, The Eagle was being pestered by a smaller, white bird who would fly up above the Eagle and dive bomb it. After a few minutes of this crazy activity we return to the RV. Today's photo is the moose and her calf.