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Old Faithful

Happy Sunday Today, Bill and I got a bit lazy and went to the Lake Hotel for breakfast. Afterwards we decided to visit Old Faithful and a few other geyser areas. As we drove along the edge of the lake we noticed the temperature dropping. I stopped along the road to get a few bird photos, while Bill got some elk pix from the slowly moving car. Its always amazing how one stopped car can create a traffic snarl of people not wanting to miss anything! By the time we reached Old Faithful, the temp had dropped into the 50s (F) and the wind was howling. We both wished we'd packed a jacket in the car. Old Faithful was chilly, but as always, worth the wait. After the eruption, we headed out to see some of the west side geysers. After the first two stops we turned back to the RV as it was starting to rain and we were not suitable dressed. Good thing, because it rained all the way back to the RV park. After we got settled in, the sky opened up and it rained most of the night. The video I shot at Old Faithful did not turn out, but Bill's did. I'll try to get it posted soon.