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The Long Green Road

This morning, after gassing up, we departed Manning and headed north on hwy 35. This segment was through farm land and forest, mostly straight roads, an easy drive. The trip was uneventful, sighting only one elk, too far away to really identify its gender, and a couple dozen hawks on telephone poles. After another gas stop (rule in the remote sections of wilderness is to drive on the top half of your tank) we continued on to the 60th parallel, and the NWT border. We stopped for a break in the visitor information station for brochures, maps, and a new tee shirt of the famous 60th parallel sign. We were immediately accosted by a swarm of deer flies. Pesky critters!!! Arriving at Twin Falls Gorge campground we noticed the flies had been joined by some bee-looking bugs and mosquitoes. We set up camp at the Louise Falls campground quickly, as there is only electricity (hydro as the call it here). Then we unhitched and drove into Hay River for a glimpse of the Great Slave Lake, dinner, and shopping. The lake looks easily as big as one of the great lakes in the US. Standing on the beach, looking towards Yellowknife, is was kinda like standing on the beach at Malibu and trying to find Japan on the horizon. The town offers at least 3 dining establishments, all equally hard to find. There's a good grocery store on the right as you enter town, open 7:00AM 'til midnight. We bought some pastry in their bakery for breakfast. Yum! It's now after 10:00PM in the NWT, and the sun looks like there's still a couple hours of daylight left (UGH!!!). As for Internet and Cell... The campground has cell service, as does Hay River. The campground office had WIFI this afternoon, but it was shut off when the office closed at 8:30 PM.