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Back Home In The USA

Today's journey was a short one. Less than 50 km after departing our Chilliwack home, we left Canada 1, for the border. The Sumas port of entry is just 3 km south on hwy 11. I favor this port because it generally is bypassed in favor of the Lyndon or I-5 ports of entry. Once back in the US, there are only a couple of dozen miles of farm hwy before you're on I-5 South. Normally, when traveling this area you see Bald Eagles... but not today. It must be a raptor holiday. The views of Mt Baker were, however, great. I would have said perfect if it were not for the haze. Once on I-5 the view is much like that along most of the sterile interstate roads. Some roadside businesses, malls, Indian Casinos, etc., but nothing too great. Soon Seattle and Mt. Rainier came into view. These are the best sights of the day, yet the haze hampered good photos. Soon we were at our destination, the Kent KOA. After setting up camp for the night and unhitching, we ventured out for lunch and some tourism in Seattle. Lunch was a local BBQ, just down the street from the KOA. BBQ Pete's was good tasting BBQ, cheap, and fast. We then drove into Seattle. I wanted to stop at the company that makes this blog possible and thank them for this opportunity, but alas, they're just a block or so from baseball stadium and there was a game this afternoon. That caused parking to be at a premium for many blocks around. So we drove uptown towards the centers of tourism. There were so many people on the streets, and almost no parking spaces, that we settled for a cruise about, then headed back to Kent. I suspect that Seattle, like many other big cities, is best navigated by public transport. Drive to somewhere that you can catch a bus, train, light-rail, whatever they have, and then go from there, This has worked well for me in places like Washington DC, NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco. Unfortunately, this trip is too fast to allow me to test this theory. Today's photo is of the Space Needle, a symbol of Seattle since 1962.