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Animals In The Mountains

Toad River was a nice place to stay. But, first thing this AM we packed up and headed for Watson Lake, YT. The drive was beautiful. Grand views of the Canadian Rockies, lots of water – rivers & lakes galore, and lots of wildlife. Our first wildlife sighting was right along the shoulder of the hwy. We came across a small herd of 8 - 10 mountain goats – nannies & kits. Our next encounter was with wood bison. About a dozen of the critters were laying down in the grass along the edge of the road. A few miles later more bison. This time about 7 of them crossing the road in front of us and jogging along the right shoulder. The third sighting was a solitary bison in a big dust wallow. The forth and final sighting of the day was about two dozen animals. Most were on the south side of the road, lazing around after grazing all morning. About 5 members of the herd, probably the bachelor herd, were across the road. They were behaving as typical young bulls, head butting each other, etc. Our final sighting of the day was a young black bear, sitting in the tall grass across the hwy. I imagine he might be still sitting there, if it weren't for some crazy passing our parked RV well over the speed limit. That panicked the bear, and it ran off. Today's photo is four of the young bull bison, two of them locked in head-to-head combat. About our overnight stop... Downtown RVP is a parking lot with hookups. Everything works, but there are no trees, picnic tables,or similar niceties. They do have a large laundry area, nice flushable facilities/showers for both genders, and a cooked-on-site BBQ dinner starting at 5:00PM. I have yet to try any of these offerings. The town does have good cell service, and there's free WIFI at the visitor center by the Sign Post Forest (this ya gotta see!!!). Started in1942 by US Army troops building then AlCan Highway, The Sign Post Forest was meant to bring home a little closer to the god forsaken land in which they were building a top secret road. The last published count in September, 2013 showed over 78000 signs in the forest.