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At Home in Sacramento

Well, the trip is rapidly approaching and my to do list keeps growing. The list of stuff to remember to pack gets longer and longer. Besides the obvious (food, clothes, COFFEE) you must have cameras, binoculars, computers, phones, and a good GPS. Since Bill and I are going for a month, mostly out in the woods, I'm packing a sanity pack of a couple hundred DVDs to help pass the evenings. Don't get me wrong, we're not planning on making camp in the deep woods. Instead, we have reservations at RV parks, and public campgrounds along the way. But, we know many of these are in/near one-horse towns that might shutdown early. Because of past experiences with bears, we know they're out there, and we're planning accordingly. It should only be a concern if we break down along the road and have to spend the night in a randon section of forest. In which case, we'll definitely not be opening a can of Tuna for dinner. Once when I was a child, my Mother opened tuna in Yosemite for lunch. Within 30 minutes we has two black bears and a ranger in our camp! Now to my major to do items. I've had the RV (see photo) lubed, oil changed, etc. Now I'm checking the living space. Empty, sanitize, and refill the water tank, restock supplies (blue stuff for the holding tank. TP, paper towels, window cleaner). I'm sure I'll add more stuff to the list in the next couple of days. Next, I'll have my neighborhood tire guy check out the rubber. The RV is 7 years old, and I want to make sure the tires aren't that old. Since I'm the second owner, I was told they were upgraded... but it doesn't hurt to check. Bill and I had a nice long chat yesterday (Fathers' Day) about our diet, schedule, etc. during the trip. He still doesn't like mayo, but we didn't get around to creamy or crunchy! Time to get to work - more later Jim