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A Very Long Day

Bill and I took off from Dease Lake somewhat early. There was no cell service and poor WIFI, so not much to keep us there. We decided, along the way, that we'd stretch the drive as far as practical. We'd been averaging just under 400 miles a day, be both felt good, so we pushed it. Our real goal was to make some time ups so we could spend time in Seattle, not a part of the original plan. The roads in BC were good, with minimal construction, and NO lengthy dirt stretches. The views should have been great, except for the rain, which we finally outran around lunch. Today was critter day! It started slow, first a baby bear (that's what the boy scouts call ground squirrels and chipmunks), but then we spied a grizzly, just 30 feet from the edge of the road. We had cars behind us so we could not stop for a photo. A little while later we came upon a small black bear eating something beside the road. As we passed the bear it dived into the shrubs. Bill stopped and watched for a few seconds, and then said “it must be good stuff, 'cause the bears back munching”. I slipped out of the RV, and with the zoom extended, got today's photo. A little farther down the road we came upon more road kill, this time with a big hawk dining. Our next sighting was a Caribou in a field eating. We stopped and I walked back up the road for photos. Lunch, and a much needed fuel stop was at Kitwanga. The road got better as we transitioned from hwy 37 to Canada hwy 16. The drive was somewhat uneventful. After a brief stop for a dinner in Vanderhoof, we journeyed onward. As is usually the case, as we left town saw saw the game crossing warnings along the road, and laughed about them. I was checking the map, when Bill slammed on the brakes. I looked to see what the matter, and watched a big cow moose amble across the highway in front of us. Way too close for comfort. Within two minutes, we had a buck deer running along beside the RV. As we were chatting about that buck, we saw a doe on the other side of the road, about a mile later Wow! What an evening. We arrived in Prince George after dark,and quickly located one of the RV parks we'd looked up while at dinner. No pull thrus available, so we moved on. Eureka! The second one had a space, which we gladly took. The office was closed and dark, so I settled up in the morning.