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Entering Canada

Great Falls to Canmore, AB Today was a pure travel day... nothing much to see, except miles and miles of beautiful rolling prairie and farm land. The stop at the Canadian border was pleasant, and took less than 20minutes. I had all of the necessary forms and Canadian currency ready to go to get a firearms permit. If I was not traveling the circuitous route through the North West Territories and the Yukon, I would not have been in possession of a shotgun for bear protection. These regions are very remote and wild. Normally I would not dream of having firearms along on a vacation. Bad timing on my part put us in Calgary during rush hour. A little slow traffic, but soon we were back on track heading for the Canadian Rockies and our RV park in Canmore. After setting up camp and unhitching in a rain/hail storm, we drove into Banff (18Km away) for a little tourism and food. Amazingly we found good Cajun food in Banff at Tooloulou's. By the time we'd finished our dinner, most of the shops were closing. Not too many photo opportunities, so I'll show you the border point of entry. Oh, about that Internet stuff... The RV park had minimal connectivity. Apparently, the town of Canmore is currently negotiating with an ISP for more/better WIFI connectivity in the town. Until that happens, the free WIFI at Tim Hortons will just have to do. I'm enjoying coffee and a bagel at Timmies as I post this segment.