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Catch Up Time

Today was filled with the routine things that life requires. After breakfast, it was off to the coin laundry to make sure we clean stuff for a few days. We went into town, as we did not want to use all of the machines in the RV park. Next Bill and I got to household stuff. Vacation may last a couple of weeks, or more, but bills go on and on and must be tended to, periodically. Later, we went out to see the local sights. I have an app called “Field Trip” for my Android phone that determines where I am, and tells me about nearby points of interest. We looked up directions to a couple of them and visited them. We went to the Alaskan Bowl Co. who makes wooden bowls from Birch tree trunks, and stumps. Next it was off to dinner, and finally down to North Pole and the Santa Claus Shop. One last stop at Fred Meyer for windshield washing fluid, and we were in for the night. Originally, I had planned to drive north to the Arctic Circle for a photo-op. I had the mistaken idea that it wasn't all that far. Apparently, I'd confused flying time with driving time. According to what the locals say it's a 6+ hour drive in either direction over bad roads. After the 200+ miles of dirt road in the NWT, we passed on this rare opportunity to see an imaginary line. Today's photo is a part of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks campus.