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The Long Road Home Begins

Today's venture starts the long journey home. We've been to Tok before, passing through there on our way to Fairbanks, on the16th. After a grocery stop in Palmer, the journey began, in earnest. Soon we saw a sign for the Musk Ox Farm. We did not stop, as I have been there in the past. These large creatures are native to the very cold, far north. They are raised for their hair, a softer than angora hair that is obtained by combing the animals with a special comb. The hair is then spun into thread/yarn, and then transformed into usable items, such as sweaters, hats, etc. After passing by the farm we drove for a half to one hour before reaching the Matanuska Glacier. This thing is huge! You used to be able to buy admission and walk on the glacier. I talked to a man on the Whittier boat ride who said he had taken a helicopter ride that landed on the glacier so they could get out and walk it. We slowed and took photos. After the glacier we proceeded on towards Tok. We stopped at a roadside rest near an area called Sheep Mountain. I put the telescope on the hill and spotted what appeared to be a small herd of big horn sheep high on the mountain. After watching for a few minutes, I was sure, as the small white specks were moving. Soon they disappeared. Although I did get some photos, all that really shows are the tiny specks. We stopped in Glennallen at the information center, and discovered that the Wrangell-St. Elias NP visitor center is located ~10 miles south of town. We also learned that there were no real roads into the park. We opted for photos of the magnificent mountains that the park features. We're now in the Tok RV Village. Cell service is minimal. I haven't tried the Internet, as we only get one free hour, then the fees kick in (Ugh!). Dinner was at one of two interesting looking place in Tok. Fast Eddie's is probably as close to a 4-star restaurant as you can find in rural Alaska. They have pizza, steak, burgers, and more. After dinner the RV park had a free country & western concert that we did not attend. Today's picture is Some of the Wrangell-St. Elias NP's mountains. I'm not sure which ones are which, but they dominate the view along the highway for many miles.