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Day one of our adventure

Today was the first travel day of our adventure. My plan, all along, was to try to limit driving to 300-400 miles a day. Today was just under 300, and the next good place to stop was another 170 miles away. No matter how carefully we plan, humans tend to overlook some things, and somehow the ladder for the bed over the cab didn't make it. It never should have been removed from the RV, so i didn't check. Lesson learned. Winnemucca is a good stop for a road trip, with several hotel chains well represented, as well as Good Sam and KOA RV parks. If you're here and you're hungry, try "The Pig". Its the best BBQ in this part of Nevada. I'm going to have to cut this short as our internet connection is slow, and I've been kicked off twice. Oh, well this isn't the big city! (no photo today)