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California, Here I Come

Well, it wasn't planed to be a long day,. I dropped Bill off at Seatac (airport) for his ride home so he could make an urgent meeting. After returning to the KOA, hitching up, and breaking camp I headed out, my goal being an RV park in Southern Oregon. The day was beautiful, but threatened to be warm. Once clear of the Seattle traffic it was smooth sailing heading south on I-5. There's not much to see along most Interstates, so there's little to mention. First was a hazy view if Mount Rainier, soon Mount St. Helens was in view, also hazy (sense a theme, here). Next thing I know I'm in Oregon. Never did see Mount Hood. Portland traffic was medium to heavy, so I took the I-205 bypass. I'm not sure how good an idea that was, but at least I avoided downtown traffic. My planned stop for the night was coming up fast, so I called ahead and cancelled my reservation. Southern Oregon was bathed in a blanket of smoke and haze, so I decided to travel as far as I could today. My plan was simple... drive as far as I could before yahning, then find a suitable stopping place. I stopped in Weed for fuel and a snack, knowing I was good to go all the way home, if necessary. I snapped a few photos of Mount Shasta, through the haze. Proceeding south, the miles flew by. As day became evening, and ultimately night I knew I could make it safely home. I finally arrived at 10:05 PM, far later than I wanted, but at least I was home. Today's photo is of Mount Shasta, in the haze or smoke.