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On The Road, At Last

Well, today was trying, at best. Last night we left the Subaru at a garage, with brake issues. Unfortunately, we had no reservation for their time, and they were going to work us in. Last night they thought they'd get to the car by 10:00 AM, then they said 1:00 PM, and they finally got to it at 4:00 PM. I'd diagnosed the issue as a result of our 200-300 miles of dirt road in the NWT. They quickly concurred, and, voile, the issue was resolved. Had I packed the correct tools, I could have done the repair myself. Getting the car back at almost 5:00 PM had messed up our travel plans, so I got on the computer and devised an alternative solution. Instead of going to Dawson City, and Chicken on our way to Fairbanks, we'd stay on the Alaska Highway and go through Tok, AK. We had a wonderful dinner to prepare us for our travels in Whitehorse, at the Yukon Inn, then hit the road. We knew we would have sunlight until ~11:00 PM, so we decided to drive as far as we could before dark, and then find a place to stay (the computer showed me that there were several options along the way). So at about 10:45 PM we pulled into “Discovery Yukon Lodgings”, a few miles east of Beaver Creek, where a nice lady showed us to our space for the night. Once on the road we were treated to many beautiful views of mountains, glaciers, rivers and lakes. At first, we thought the wildlife had gone into hiding do to the small storm that graced us with its presence. But, then we started seeing them. At first is was just ground squirrels and a rabbit. Then I spotted a coyote running towards us on the shoulder, but it veered into the brush before my camera could capture it. A little while I spotted two more coyotes running along the edge of the forest, but again, no photo. Our next sighting took place a few minutes later. Bill & I both saw something crossing the road way off in front of us. The color (in the fading light) looked coyote, but the shape was all wrong. I realized it was a grizzly bear. It trotted off into the brush along side of the road. We stopped on the shoulder near where the bear had entered the brush. We figured sighting over, but in a few seconds we spied the critter munching on grass/flowers, and digging for something. The cameras came out and we spent the next several minutes watching the bear digging for food and munching away. Today's photo is, you guessed it, our first grizzly sighting. About Internet and cell service. The RVP has satellite internet, and it is quite welcome. No cell service for miles. Perhaps that will improve tomorrow, when we enter Alaska. The moral for today is: Always plan ahead, but be prepared to alter course, if the situation requires it.