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Quick road trip to Great Falls, MT

We had to get an early start because Bill had an important phone or Skype call in the afternoon, and we could not count on cell or Internet service along the road. We pulled out of the RV park at 7:00AM and headed north. After a heavy overnight rain we expected the road between Norris and Mammoth to be a mess, as it is under construction and about 7 miles of it are currently dirt. It did slow us down a bit, but nothing major. The old north gate to Yellowstone was blocked off, due to construction, Its a landmark, but no photos, this trip. We had a couple of moments where I had to stomp on the brakes as deer sprinted across the road. Other than that, and a few bison, this leg of the trip was relative critter free. Other construction caused us to wait ~10minutes for flagmen. But, even with delays, we made it to Great Falls, MT and checked in at the KOA by 12:30PM. Now, as to Internet connectivity... I immediately got on the net at the KOA and it appeared to be wonderful. But as I tried to update this blog it got the terminal slows. Needless to say, this segment (along with several others) was posted from a Starbucks in Great Falls. No photo today, as it was a quick travel day.