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Oh, The Beautiful Canadian Rockies

Having dined in Banff Village last night, and knowing how crowded the streets were, we avoided town with the RV. We wanted to cover ground, and yet enjoy some of the most spectacular views on the planet, the Canadian Rockies. Banff NP is pretty,but the real scenery is in Jasper NP. Tall, rugged mountain,elegant forests, and lots of water mean the scene changes every mile or so... usually for the better. Its a good thing that I don't use film anymore, because I could not afford all of the great photo-ops Jasper offers. And, just when you think it could not get any prettier, you arrive at the Columbia Ice Fields. It is a must stop at the facility. Apart from the restaurant, and shop, the stop affords a great view of several large mountain glaciers. There's also a lake at the bottom of the moraine filled with the usual milky colored glacier run-off water. After leaving the Ice Fields stop you discover that just a mile or so north is yet another massive glacial complex. Continuing north, we finally reached highway 16, where we turned easterly towards Hinton, and our KOA stop for the night. It was along this road that we began spotting large wildlife. Our first sighting was a large doe elk. Next came several bucks right along the side of the road, their horns still in velvet. A little farther along the road we came upon a herd of about 15 mountain goats about 50 yards off the road. A few miles later it was more mountain goats including a “specimen” billy goat leading the herd. After settling in at the campground, we went into town for dinner and grocery shopping. Internet access was not bad, when you could get on. The KOA has a satellite feed and supports few concurrent connections, but when you get on, response was good. I would not want to stream a movie over it, however.