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Welcome to Yellowstone

The road we took from Arco to Yellowstone led us to Idaho Falls, and the Snake River. Leaving the city we followed the Snake many miles. A one point we passed a dam that created Palisades Reservoir which we paralleled for about 15 miles. Entering Wyoming, the road turned north. Next stop Jackson. Jackson, or Jackson's Hole as it was known when I was a kid, is now a bustling resort town and a great place for lunch. Just north of town is a large Elk preserve, but alas, no critters today. Next came Grand Teton National Park (NP). I've been here several times,and although there are many fun things to do here, I usually drive straight through. The are Bison (Buffalo) herds that are usually near a large parking lot along the way. The best part is the view to the west of the Teton mountains. Almost before you know it you are in Yellowstone. We drove straight to the RV park where would call home for the next 3 nights. After unhitching the car, we discovered that the battery was low, and had to push start the car. Thank goodness for stick shifts. During the heat of the day we noticed a scarcity of wildlife. But, as we drove to West Yellowstone, MT for dinner, we had several encounters with critters. The first was when a Bison was meandering down the middle of the highway, first on one side of the yellow stripe, and then the other. He finally left the road so we could proceed. The second encounter was also Bison... 20-30 of them grazing next to the road. We spied a few more critters on the way to dinner, but without traffic delays. After dinner, and shopping, we returned the the RV via a different route. This time we saw more Bison and a goodly size herd of Elk. At one point we watched a herd of 50-75 Bison grazing. Shortly thereafter, we had a major traffic foul up. A ranger came and directed traffic. This was probably a bear, as they cause the biggest traffic snarls in Yellowstone, but we did not see anything. This posting is also delayed, as the RV park, as most of Yellowstone does not have WIFI or good Cell service.