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Its Raining, Its Pouring, And I'm Not Even Snoring

The title says it all. Rained most of last night in Fairbanks. Dry in the AM, so we didn't get soaked while breaking camp, hooking up the car and getting gasoline. Just out of town it started to rain, not a downpour, but steady rain. Now we're in our campground, Riley Creek in Denali NP. No hookups, but a nice place, anyway. Unhitched the tow car in the rain before driving to our camp site. Next I got my inverter hooked up to the batteries, but, alas, its too small to power the coffee maker, toaster, or microwave. More bad planning on my part. I'll add that to my to do list. The generator, you ask... well it's been on the fritz, and there are quiet hours when you can't run it. Enough griping... The drive from Fairbanks to Denali was short, about 120 miles. Even in the rain, the drive was pretty. There's a construction zone that lasts 5-10 miles, where they're repaving the road. The towns around here have really grown since my first visit here a dozen years ago. Healy is now a boom town, and the village around Denali is really busy. As if the Subaru wasn't dirty enough we drove around for a while on wet roads to see what we could see. The critters must be all bedded down because of the rain. We were beginning to believe that the most ferocious beast we'd see all day was a ground squirrel. But then our luck changed. We spotted what looked like a beaver swimming in a pond. Next came a cow moose standing near another pond. Next we decided to drive the 15 miles of park road that we're allowed on. No critters on the way out, but we did see a bull moose crossing a wide rocky creek. By the time we got the car stopped and the cameras out he had vanished into the bush. Today's photo is the cow moose, taken from the highway.