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Kara's Kitchen

The pouring rain took us to Kara's Kitchen, in Unionville, MO....- home of the Midgets-...... apparently (that's what they're welcome sign said). Kara's kitchen had such impeccable service... literally, in the middle of our meal, the waitress hung a sign that said "starting June 2nd, Kara's Kitchen will be under new management." We cracked a lot of jokes, including these two: The waitress picks up the phone and begins to take an order. Dad said "it's a dinner order for tonight. " The ratio of canes to people in this place is only beat out by the candy canes to elves ratio in santa's workshop. -Dad The food was so miserably slow, we had sat there for 1 hour and 15 minutes, dad peed 3 times, we drank 5 cups of coffee, had 4 conversations with the friendly locals (one lady had told us a story about living in Kodiak, AK as a traveling nurse!!), and we still had not received our food; in fact- our food wasn't even on the grill yet!!! So we drive down to the church to see when service was and we would have needed to wait another 30 minutes. So we bailed on the service, said a prayer, and headed to our trusty Casey's General Store for some breakfast sandwiches.