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Boni B&B- The Family Suites

North, North, North; great day for North!! Nashville to Indianapolis today!! Really got started and a good test day for most of the gear!! The only troubles I had, was the edge tubing around my windscreen kept falling off-- it might end up 86'ed. Mom and Dad made it to Indy the fastest they ever had before, even with a stop for dinner!! No traffic and the most beautiful weather you could ask for!! We've been asking for prayers and were saying a lot ourselves. We don't think God is quite done with us on this Earth yet, but pray for safety and guidance. We don't want to end up in some back woods with fighting cock farms-- yes that's happened before. Seeing my nephews was such a breath of fresh air. They have so much energy and love life!! My sister and brother in law were excited to see the whole group come! Their B&B is always beautiful and welcoming!! We all spent some quality time on the porch swing and J and I got to play some pretty competitive games of cornhole.... okay-- Maybe not so competitive, but cornhole all the same. :) On the ride today I left with a farewell party of one, but so many special people in my thoughts as I left. I will miss my 'normal' life but it's definitely a sacrifice I'm willing to make. My roommate is holding the fort down at home; letting the dog pee twice a day and making sure the mailman can fit mail in the mailbox every once in a while. :) I also spent some time this morning reading through some of our old posts. Wow!! We've had some ups and downs!! The decisions and blessings we've had to get to this day- alone- has been amazing. A gift. Things said today: I'll grow a beard. Have you ever been on a snipe hunt? An entire office wide discussion about divining rods and subterranean water Do you remember who I am? Football player. They're not going to Alaska; they're not going to Alaska; they're not going to Alaska... Etc... Things I saw today: The batman building in dowtown Nashville Welcome to Kentucky Welcome to Indiana A dead coyote on the side of the road A torched and burning motor home in downtown Louisville 2/$4 Red Bull - don't mind if I do... Trike Biker Gang - complete with trailers ONLY 4 bikers waved back from south bound riders!! Oh the humanity!!! :O A small bird chase a hawk while flying A beautiful sunset at the Boni B&B Signing off, The daughter