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Yellowhead Highway We left Stewart-Hyder on a rainy day, and continued down the Cassiar Highway until it met up with the Yellowhead Highway – Canada 16. Instantly we were aware of more traffic than we had had all summer, then towns, and houses, and fields filled with rolls of hay, and COWS! We stopped at Gitwangak to look at an old church with an interesting bell tower, and some very old totems, and then spent the night at the Shady Rest RV park in Houston. What a treat! It was a beautiful park, with flowers and baskets everywhere, green grass and gravel spaces with no dust. Then we discovered very fast Wi-Fi and Direct TV for the first time in months. Now we truly knew we had once again reached civilization! We continued on the Yellowhead, through Smithers, then to Prince George, where Bill tried to get a door handle for his coach. When we got out we noticed it was WARM! We stopped for the night at the beautiful Purden Lake Provincial Park. Happy hour around the campfire was interrupted by some light showers that sent us under the awning for the most incredible thunderstorm ever. The thunder rolled across the entire sky in continuous rumbles lasting upwards of 30 seconds. The next morning we were treated to the sight of a bear cruising the camp, looking for breakfast. (Well, I guess we aren’t completely back to civilization.) We left to continue our trip, but got as far as the park exit when Bill discovered his ride control was not working. Luckily he had a replacement valve, but it took most of the day to replace it, so we spent another night there.