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Jasper National Park Our first view of the magnificence of the Canadian Rockies was Mt. Robson, the highest peak in the range. We were concerned we would not be able to find a campsite, when we saw the number of vehicles entering the park, but we got into Whistler, closest to the town. We explored downtown Jasper and ate dinner at Earl’s, on a second story balcony, overlooking the street. The next day we headed for the Jasper Lodge and decided, when we became millionaires, we would definitely spend a week there. What a beautiful lodge on a gorgeous blue lake, with a full size golf course. If it’s good enough for Bill Gates (who had been there the week before,) it’s good enough for us. We then took the drive to Maligne Lake. A herd of friendly mountain sheep blocked our way for a while, so we joined the crowd enjoying them. A stop at Maligne Canyon treated us to the roaring sound and vibration of rushing water, coursing through narrow rock chasms, grinding out giant potholes in the rock. This contrasted with the quiet blue beauty of Medicine Lake, with the mountains behind. Strangely, almost the whole lake disappears in the winter months, flowing underground through a natural labyrinth of rock tunnels, faster than it can be replaced. Maligne Lake was impressive, surrounded by several huge mountains, but it was very crowded. Many people rented canoes and kayaks to explore the lake. Others took a boat cruise around the lake. Another lodge provided food, rooms, and shopping. A deer put in a brief appearance before disappearing into the woods.