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For you Jeepers traveling Alaska (or for hearty souls who want to go on a guided ATV ride, there is a fantastic experience available in Palmer, Alaska - an ATV/Jeep trip to the foot of the Knik glacier. We all set out for a morning Jeep drive, with a few snacks to tide us over until a noon lunch at Burger King. Eight hours later we finally got back to civilization, with an incredible trip under our belt. We wound around a mountain outcropping, bounced over holes and washboard, and squished through glacial mud holes. But the most fun was trying to find our way through the “braided river.” Around every corner there were tributaries to the large glacier-fed river that skirted our path. Some were shallow, but most were cloudy so you could not tell how deep they were. With John in the lead, we crossed several streams and then squeezed through one last narrow forest tunnel (that I never thought a jeep would fit,) through some more water, and made it to the final washboard, but clear, run toward the glacier. As we would catch a glimpse of it, it somehow seemed to fade further back as we traveled, and we were beginning to wonder if this trip was worth it. Then we crested one last steep mound, and there it was in all its glory – an incredible view - Knik Glaciier!!! A lake had formed at the base, so we thought our goal to touch a glacier would be thwarted, but some of the glacier had calved off and John fished it out of the water so we could all hold ancient ice, formed maybe thousands of years ago. What a day! On the way back we came across another Jeep totally bogged down in the muddy river bottom, with the back end submerged. A truck was trying to winch him out, but didn’t have enough power. Bill hooked up his winch and did just about all the pulling to free him. There were 4 young people in the Jeep and they all said no problem. They had brought food, had sleeping bags (sopping wet), had matches (they were all smokers so I guess they kept them dry,) and were sure they could get the jeep started (after being under water for an hour.)