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Kenai National Wildlife Refuge We stayed at a beautiful campground on a Hidden Lake in the Refuge. Our intent had been to walk the Russian River and look for bears; however, a bear attack on a group of students the previous day, changed our mind. Instead we drove around the entire loop road to look for wildlife. We ended up with a grand total of 23…snowshoe hares. Nothing else. The closest we came was hearing the haunting call of the loons across the lake. We did see a Trumpeter Swan in the distance on a different trip. That’s OK though, because the camp was very picturesque and had some great campground hosts, Ed and Linda. We invited them to join us for a steak barbecue. They repaid the favor the next day, by giving us a couple of nice salmon they had caught. So we had another feast the next night while we enjoyed the quite beauty of the area.