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Guadalupe National Park

Left early to go to Guadalupe National Park. Hiked McKittrick Canyon Trail up to the Grotto and Pratt Cabin (6.8 mile). Mr Pratt fell in love with this area, bought land and built his cabin. The cabin was cool, all cut stone and slate roof. In 1962 he donated his land to the Gov’t and in 1972 it became a major part of Guadalupe National Park. Drove 60 miles back to Van Horn Texas to camp (not much around the NP). 2/22 Back up early and drove to Guadalupe NP and hiked the Guadalupe Mountain- the highest peak in Texas, 8751 feet. This 8.4 mile round trip included a 3000 foot elevation gain. Definitely feel it in my knees! Camped in El Paso after a visit to El Paso Brewery for a couple and some dinner. Had their cheese steak - it was definitely a “southwest” special.