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Joshua Tree Day 3

First hike of the day was 49 Palms Oasis. Only a mile and a half in with a 350 foot ridge to get over but not difficult. The trail was dotted with bright red barrel cacti and the first view of the oasis looked like small green bushes in a nich in the canyon. Definitely one of our favorite hikes in this NP. At the Oasis you are rewarded with more cool boulders but more impressive a small forest of fan palms, very big and mature. It was a wonderful place to just sit and admire the beauty. Next stop was Ryan Mountain, one of the higher peaks in the park. 1.5 miles up to the peak that was about 1000 feet above the parking area. Really impressive stone work on this trail, made the hike quick and relatively easy. Nice view at the top. Last stop was Skull Rock and Split Rock Trail. Another ~3 miles with a number of cool rock formations (faces, gorilla, tulips and many more left to your imagination.)