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Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park. After checking into the campground we hiked to the ruins of a historic Hot Spring (6 mile round trip). Yes, I stripped down and jumped in, Racquet was a bit more modest and only waded in the pool. I also took a dip in the Rio Grande, it was chilly but sitting on the edge where the hot water overflows into the river was a perfect spot! Racquet claims she caught me peaking at another hot tub participant. I’ll let you be the judge. Later when walking back to the campsite we ran into a pack of Javelinas. They look like pigs but aren’t. Very near sighted and generally are not aggressive. We ended the day with a nice Sunset at the campground. We grilled out some steaks but between the bugs and the sudden wind we had a rather hectic time eating outside and had to eventually scramble inside.