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Forget 93. Drive 93A

Even at mid-week Banff National Park was too crowded for us, (Lake Louise although beautiful was marred by wall to wall visitors) so we set off driving north on 93 into Jasper National Park and found an isolated campsite at Kerkeslin--one of the more isolated and less used campgrounds. And we learned why--the mosquitoes were out in force, making it one of our least pleasant campsites to date. They were merciless. After setting up camp, we decided to drive the Icefields Parkway through Jasper for the afternoon, since enjoying the area around Kerkeslin was out of the question. Our first stop at Athabaska Falls was not a pleasant experience. The size of the parking lot should have been a warning of the thousands of visitors we encountered there. Instead, we chose to return to Highway 93 and continue north. The stop at the Icefields interpretive center was not much better. Far too many people overwhelmed the facility, making it an equally unpleasant experience. We continued driving north on 93 enjoying the magnificent scenery to Jasper. On our return to Kerkeslin we detoured on 93A. Lightly traveled, with more twists and turns, 93A proved to be a wildlife viewers delight. The next morning, we awoke early and begin our travel north stopping at Athabaska Falls at 7:00 am to enjoy it completely by ourselves. We retraced our drive up 93A through Jasper. Forget 93. Take Athabaska Falls turnoff to 93A for an much better park experience.