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Last things first...and then on to Banff and Jasper

Before leaving our delightful host in Canmore, it was time to make reservation on the Alaska ferry to Bellingham. Although we were alerted to the need to make plans early, we were surprised when we discovered our first and second choice sailings were already sold out. Our only option was to choose an earlier sailing date and different embarkation point than we had expected. Accordingly, our trip is cut short by two weeks. We have a booking from Haines on August 17th. Entering the national park, we found Banff to be a pleasant town, even though both of us felt it was already too crowded on an early Tuesday morning. What it would be like on the weekends during the summer we can only postulate. Neither my mate nor I are into large crowds or touristy areas. Stopping in to a few shops we both thought the town of Banff catered to the well-to-do tourist crowd, rather than the middle-class family out to enjoy the national park. A shame. Outside of town, we found the park as magnificent as it had been described to us. We made camp at Mosquito Creek early with the expectation of driving through to Jasper National Park along the Icefields Parkway the next day.