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I’m supposed to be in the sky...

I’m supposed to be in the sky, but even though leaving England maybe imminent, I’m having to wait just a little longer for my next big adventure. “It’s not the destination, it’s getting there”….said someone once, about great travel. I think they may have been quoted prior to airport delays; when getting there, was most definitely not about sitting in a beeping, flushing, squeaking, clicking, hard seated, overpriced waiting room that smells of disinfectant and burnt cheese. With New York currently drenched in rain storms and engulfed by high winds, my patience is being tested by a slightly abrasive, Mother Nature from the big apple. I can hear her, whining over another clueless tourist arriving at her door. It’s ok though, I hate to over stay my welcome. I’m heading across the North American continent again, but this time I’m throwing myself across Canada, through the Yukon and north to the Arctic Ocean, eventually ending in Anchorage, in the state of Alaska. I’ll travel again with my trusty old copilot, KP, (who I randomly met in Indianapolis just over a year ago). Somewhere in northern New York we’ll meet, and then drag each other across the continent to the west. I’m looking forward to some highlights; polar bears, wolves, arctic scenery and orca to name a few, and some of the most remote and dangerous roads in the world lie ahead. We’ve had to wait for summer to access parts of America and Canada, but as with all long distance adventures, it won’t be without a few challenges. For me, just traveling with someone, will be a new experience… North America might be a whole lot bigger this year, but without the strict budget of $6 dollars a day or an objective of raising awareness for a great charity, the next few months is “My story of New York to Alaska : Travels in a box with a dithering pensioner”. Please sit back, relax, enjoy the inflight entertainment, and remember where the exits are. I hope to get us there safely…with a few gin and tonics on route. Next stop, New York City!