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Family of four heading out in a homemade camper for a three week tour of Canada and Alaska...adventure of a lifetime.

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In rain and hail, we prevail

Let's talk about this driving for twelve to fifteen hours a day. Beautiful scenery and a variety of wildlife! That's the main reason we wanted to drive this adventure. However, driving for so long in one day with minimal stops is....well, let's put it this way: We took a vote today and the result was unanimous that we were NOT adding an extra thousand miles by bypassing home in Indiana and visiting Maine while we're at it. Maybe next time.

We've used a variety of public restrooms that have been surprisingly decent. Warning: Be prepared to buy something if you want to use the facilities! One place needed a code to open the lock that you received on your receipt.

We miss the 24 hour Alaskan sunlight. Arriving at your campsite after dark when everyone else is sleeping can be difficult. Really cool thing about all the private Canadian & Alaskan campgrounds (that we saw) is that even if the office is closed, find a spot & pay in the morning. But navigating winding, scenic roads with wildlife when it's pitch black is more than difficult. The stars you see upon your arrival take your breath away, though. And this evening, we were treated to a lightning show in the distance that provided entertainment for the last hour of this long haul. Sadly, the energy in the sky didn't give us any; we collapsed in our camper upon arrival.

The weather can lengthen your trip time-physically and mentally. Today's picture post would be of the only "event" of the day of driving: We drove through a storm, which included 11 minutes of hail. Some little, some wild, some big...some so wild and big that we had the kids put blankets between them and the windows (in case it broke the glass). At one part of the drive, there was so much hail, we were driving on ice. Never fear though, our driver got us through it safely (he lost a few hairs in the process though) and remarkably, there doesn't appear to be any damage on either vehicle. (I guess I should clarify--no damage from the hail. We can talk about other vehicular damage when we get home.)

AND for those wagering (I know someone has a pool going!)--
It was at mile 8,364 on day 20 that we heard the question, "Are we there yet?" for the first time on this trip.