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Annabelle and Lilly

Two adults and two cats
traveling to Alaska from Central California.

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Jul 18, 2016


Day 1 Arrived at Homer today and will be here for 9 days. Our view of the ocean is wonderful except for Jim and MIchelle camper in right in our view. But we can sit outside and see the view.
We got sit up and did some grocery shopping, had some dinner, walk the beach and went for a ride around town.
Great day.

Day 2 Spend the day checking out Homer. Breakfast at Two Sister, on to Harbor Master to get boat checked in and wonderful lunch on the spit and of course ice cream. Also went to the Hardware, sporting goods, pharmacy, fabric and anything else you may need store.

Day 3 Up around 7:30 text from Michelle need to go fishing now as this afternoon doesn't look good for fishing. So off to fish.
Fish count
1 silver salmon-raw white flesh one
3 cods -one a keeper
1 small halibut-not a keeper
ALL caught by the master fisher person - Michelle
It was a beautiful day. The sky, mountains and ocean were glorious.

Day 4
Couldn't go out fishing today. So we checked out the local winery. Pretty nice. We went fishing in the pond which is an area where when the tide comes in it fills ups and the salmon come in. Not so easy. No fish for us. But it was a beautiful day to be out.

Day 5
Went out in the boat to do some fishing. 1st halibut -0- next salmon -0-. So not good day for fishing but again beautiful day to be out on the ocean.

Day 6
Andy came in this morning. We went to the store and look around a bit. Back to the pond this afternoon. -0- fish but it is still beautiful. We just love being out in the clear, clean , cool air.

Day 7
We all went out this morning for fishing. We saw beautiful glaciers and mountains and the sea was wonderful, but no fish. Michelle and I came in around 1:30 and the boys went back out.
Brent had a great time. They got into a pod a whales, he loved it. They went over to Soldovia and checked out the harbor. Brent said it was pretty. They came in around 6:30. No fish but Brent had a great time.

Day 8
Brent and I choose to stay in this morning to check out more of the towns sights. Michelle, Jim and Andy went out fishing.
We had a great time walking around the spit and had a nice lunch. As we were eating lunch Michelle called and said they had 3 halibuts and were going for three more, the limit. By the time we finishing eating lunch she texted they had 2 more and were going for 1 more. As we were back to the truck she texted they were headed in. Limit caught.
It was decided that they needed to take us out in the evening so we could catch our limit. We left around 5pm and headed out. We caught 3 halibut. Brent had caught his first halibut, so excited for him. We got back in around 9:30, made fish and chips for dinner and packaged up the day’s catch. In bed by 12.

Day 9
All the boys went out fishing today. Michelle and Marsha stayed in. The boys caught their limits. They had a great time, so great it was decided we will stay one extra day in Homer and then head to Seward tomorrow so Jim, Michelle, Andy and Merle can go out one more time. Brent and Marsha will stay in and check out more of Homer. Because we added an extra day in Homer we have to move the 5th wheel from spot 2 to spot 5. Better view Yeah...

Day 10
This morning we moved the 5th wheel to our new spot. Pretty nice. Meryl took all of us out to breakfast this morning at La Baleine Cafe on the spit. It was great. Michelle and the boys headed out fishing. Brent and Marsha took a drive to the end of the road. What wonderful view. We also check out the Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center it was amazing and really fun.
The fisherman/lady catch their limit again today. They had to get the boat out of the water and get the camper back on the truck as they had a 5:30am salmon fishing trip planned for tomorrow. Brent and Marsha and the girls will leave in the later morning to head for Seward and meet up with everyone. There is a promise of salmon for dinner tomorrow. Yeah....

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