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This is my third round trip driving to/from Alaska since 2013. A permanent resident of Arizona who doesn't care for the heat of summer, I have spent 3 months of the past four years in Anchorage, a city I lived in for several years in the 80's. I drove north in 2013 in my motor home with a friend then back home alone, and have made two trips with friends in my suv this year and last. Currently back in Alaska, I made the northbound trip this year with one of my dear friends and former college roommate, Kathy, and my 10 year old Boston Terrier, Charlie. I try to vary the route each time and am busy now thinking about the route for my trip back to Arizona.
Kathy and I had a most enjoyable trip this year that even included a couple of days in Nelson, British Columbia visiting friends. Our total travel time was only 8 days, but we packed in a lot of sightseeing and fun in that short trip. I strongly encourage anyone who has limited time to still consider a driving trip to Alaska. You will want to come back and see and do more the next time, but it gives a good perspective on the wonderful sights of Canada and Alaska that can be enjoyed even on a tight schedule.

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