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Jay & Lois

Our once-in-a-lifetime road trip. We left Russell PA on 15 May and it was snowing. Heading North to Alaska where it promises to be warmer. Our road trip in our Newmar Bay Star motorhome will take four months on the road. We will take in the scenery, culture, do some fishing and birding and will spend time with friends along the way. Going to be a great experience.

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Jun 09, 2016

NOrth to the Arctic Circle

Yesterday was a day of driving but it was a spectacular drive. We left here and headed for the Dalton Highway. It is over 500 miles from here to Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean. This Road is also known as the Haul Road and was built to support the building of the Trans Alaska Pipeline. It sort of parallels the pipeline and is the main supply route for the oil operations at Prudhoe Bay. Most of the traffic is big semis. Much of the road is dirt but interestingly enough the dirt road holds up better to the harsh weather. The blacktop sections have pot holes, cracks and heaves from the thawing and melting permafrost. We had great weather and the scenery kept us waiting for every turn or rise in the road. Black spruce is the dominant species but in the harsher areas a tree over about 10’ could not be found. There is an awesome mosaic of various shades of green - Alaska Birch , Black Spruce, Shrubs and short Tundra. We ate at the Yukon River at a small expensive restaurant. The Yukon River Camp, and gassed up at %.49 a gal. Two folks came and we found out there were gold prospectors. He took out a small leather pouch and dumped out a small handful of nuggets that we got to and hold. We took the road another 60 miles north to get a photo to prove we made it to the Arctic Circle. The round trip took us 12 hours of almost continuous driving. Much of it on narrow dirt roads with steep grades (up to 12%) with no usable shoulders, no guard rails and some rather steep drop-offs. All this while trying to stay clear of the occasional semi traffic. Actually traffic was not an issue. We probably did not see 40 vehicles heading either way the entire drive on the Dalton Hwy. Most of the time we were to only vehicle on the road.